Martin John Fowler


The Prevailing Sense of Change

September 2013 – Present

My focus has been intensified by the prevailing sense of change in working ports from childhood memories to the present which may soon an obliterate an entire way of life.Recording in sketches and paintings



A selection of work currently available at the Following Galleries

Bils & Rye Gallery  North Yorkshire “Dealing in Temptation”

Twenty Twenty Gallery Much Wenlock and Ludlow

Tyler Gallery Mousehole Cornwall

Bakehouse Gallery Alnwick Northumberland

Fountain Fine Art Wales

The Steelrooms Gallery Lincolnshire

Bluebramble Gallery St Ives Cornwall

The Bute Gallery Scotland

Scotlandart Gallery Glasgow Scotland

Forth coming exhibitions

Summer Exhibition Selection of works by Martin john fowler

Vic Reeves, John Bellamy, Joseph Thomas

The Bute Gallery

                           7th July- 30 Aug2018

Scottish Summer Exhibition

Scotland Art Gallery

                          11th June - 30th July 2018

Slice of Yorkshire Bils and Rye Gallery

                           28th April - 30 June2018


Recent Exhibition Invited Artist Inspired By Gallery

Anniversary Show with Sir Norman Ackroyd